It’s spring!

April 2, 2008

Yuhu! It’s spring outside. And I finally had 27,5 minutes of free time to go on a photo hike and enjoyed the nature. I have to share it with you. Have fun, comment and enjoy the spring as offline as it gets.


First flowers… Blu sky… Yap, it’s spring.



And love is lying on the ground. You just have to look.


But I guess I’m more of a grass person 😉


This is Africa!

February 16, 2008

Finally, some photos from my trip to Sudan. Becouse taking pictures in Sudan could mean serious trouble I returned with only a few good photos. But, otherwise, the people are awsome, the land is amazing and… well it was great. Check it out for yourself, comment and enjoy. 🙂 You can see all the photos on my Flickr account or click on

Sudan_08-8 Sudan_08-94














New Year in Bosnia

January 14, 2008

It really is. Yes, it’s over. The 2007 that is. And yes, it took me two weeks to upload some photos from our (my friends and I) “Balkan trip” around Bosna, where we jumped from the old into the new year. The pictures are nothing special, becouse the weather was really miserable. And when the sky cleared I caught a terrible cold and got a fever (41!!!).

All photos are from Bosnia and were taken with my Samsung GX-10, and my sigma 28-300 lens. I used the Metz 58 AF-1 flash, but I’m still geting used to it and need some more time to get the full grip. 🙂

NL_Bosna_07_08-28 Banja Luka

NL_Bosna_07_08-31 Jajce

NL_Bosna_07_08-99 Sarajevo

NL_Bosna_07_08-97 Sarajevo

NL_Bosna_07_08-154 Sarajevo – Begova džamija

NL_Bosna_07_08-148 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-144 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-142 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-133 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-131 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-130 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-116 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-273 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-269 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-266 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-254 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-252 Mostar

Fly, fly Butterfly

October 21, 2007

As you might have seen I took some photos together with Špela. And here she is, Špela alias Butterfly. Those are for you Špela… For tomorrow…

I slightly manipulated the photos in Photoshop (Brightness, tones, but without any filters or stuff like that), but without any “beauty corrections” ’cause I’m not a fan of those unrealistic photos seen in media. I try to capture the moments, the detail and find the beauty in everything. As with Špela – she’s literally glowing as a star.





Spring, oh spring…

October 12, 2007

I was looking for a flower photo, because I needed one, and I went through my flower-power collection. Later I decided to show you some of my old photos, the first two below are taken with my first digital camera: Minolta A100 which was like the closest friend to me. But than it got stolen on the train back home from Serbia. 😦 That’s why, this is a tribute to my poor Minolta, my first DSLR camera Nikon D50 and a “wellcome” for my new Samsung GX-10. all photos have been taken in RAw, but have not been manipulated – that means they are not croped and I reset only some minor adjustments. All the flowers are from Slovenia, and I must admit; I love flowers. I think it must be my mothers fault because she’s a gardener, but I’m very grateful to her. Mami, thanks once more! Hope you like it to.


f: 3,5 / 1/200 / iso 100


f: 11 / 1/25 / iso 100 – Hm, don’t ask why those numbers. I was still learning, but I still love this photo


f: 5,6 / 1/500 / iso 200


Actually shot together with Špela f: 5,6 / 1/400 / iso 200


f: 18 / 1/250 / iso 400

A tribute to mother nature

October 8, 2007

Couple of days ago I was taking a walk after rain and found some beautifull views. I have stolen some and here are the beautifull leaves bathing in raindrops. It’s always nice to go outside as soon as the rain stops – with you camera offcourse. OK, sweet dreams, and have a snap_shot!




1,2,3 snap!

October 6, 2007

Let’s begin with some shots I’ve taken in Ljubljana. I’ve posted the photos also on my other blog, but than I said to myself: hell, why mixing everything up, let’s open a photo blog for all my photo sessions. So, here it is. Pictures below, have been taken in Ljubljana, the weather was far from optimal, and I was shooting without filters and with my Samsung GX-10 and Sigma 28-300 lens. Oh, the photos are hosted on Flickr, so, take a look at full size there.

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Ura f 11, 1/125 iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Kongresni1 f 19, 1/125 iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Tracnice f 5,6, 1/180, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Sirene f 4,5, 1/180, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Tlak f 11, 1/125, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_LjubljanaGrad f 13, 1/180, iso 100