1,2,3 snap!

October 6, 2007

Let’s begin with some shots I’ve taken in Ljubljana. I’ve posted the photos also on my other blog, but than I said to myself: hell, why mixing everything up, let’s open a photo blog for all my photo sessions. So, here it is. Pictures below, have been taken in Ljubljana, the weather was far from optimal, and I was shooting without filters and with my Samsung GX-10 and Sigma 28-300 lens. Oh, the photos are hosted on Flickr, so, take a look at full size there.

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Ura f 11, 1/125 iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Kongresni1 f 19, 1/125 iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Tracnice f 5,6, 1/180, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Sirene f 4,5, 1/180, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_Tlak f 11, 1/125, iso 100

30.9.07_Ljubljana_LjubljanaGrad f 13, 1/180, iso 100


One Response to “1,2,3 snap!”

  1. luka Says:

    is špela cool?

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