A tribute to mother nature

October 8, 2007

Couple of days ago I was taking a walk after rain and found some beautifull views. I have stolen some and here are the beautifull leaves bathing in raindrops. It’s always nice to go outside as soon as the rain stops – with you camera offcourse. OK, sweet dreams, and have a snap_shot!




4 Responses to “A tribute to mother nature”

  1. innovatel Says:

    The rain and the nature in your photo are fantastic … or … it’s a dream? I don’t know … but it’s very very beautiful 🙂

  2. drlisica Says:

    A big thank you! Really, it means a lot to me that you like, especially because I started with my blog only couple of days ago. Feel free to come back and see also the new pictures that will come. Once more, thanks for your comment and I hpe you come again.

  3. innovatel Says:

    Oh yes … I’ll return here … the “only problem” it’s the english … I don’t know it so good … 😦

  4. drlisica Says:

    Hey, hey, sorry for not answering, but I was very busy. But, I must say, that your english is good, at least good enough to be understood 😀

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