Spring, oh spring…

October 12, 2007

I was looking for a flower photo, because I needed one, and I went through my flower-power collection. Later I decided to show you some of my old photos, the first two below are taken with my first digital camera: Minolta A100 which was like the closest friend to me. But than it got stolen on the train back home from Serbia. 😦 That’s why, this is a tribute to my poor Minolta, my first DSLR camera Nikon D50 and a “wellcome” for my new Samsung GX-10. all photos have been taken in RAw, but have not been manipulated – that means they are not croped and I reset only some minor adjustments. All the flowers are from Slovenia, and I must admit; I love flowers. I think it must be my mothers fault because she’s a gardener, but I’m very grateful to her. Mami, thanks once more! Hope you like it to.


f: 3,5 / 1/200 / iso 100


f: 11 / 1/25 / iso 100 – Hm, don’t ask why those numbers. I was still learning, but I still love this photo


f: 5,6 / 1/500 / iso 200


Actually shot together with Špela f: 5,6 / 1/400 / iso 200


f: 18 / 1/250 / iso 400


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