New Year in Bosnia

January 14, 2008

It really is. Yes, it’s over. The 2007 that is. And yes, it took me two weeks to upload some photos from our (my friends and I) “Balkan trip” around Bosna, where we jumped from the old into the new year. The pictures are nothing special, becouse the weather was really miserable. And when the sky cleared I caught a terrible cold and got a fever (41!!!).

All photos are from Bosnia and were taken with my Samsung GX-10, and my sigma 28-300 lens. I used the Metz 58 AF-1 flash, but I’m still geting used to it and need some more time to get the full grip. 🙂

NL_Bosna_07_08-28 Banja Luka

NL_Bosna_07_08-31 Jajce

NL_Bosna_07_08-99 Sarajevo

NL_Bosna_07_08-97 Sarajevo

NL_Bosna_07_08-154 Sarajevo – Begova džamija

NL_Bosna_07_08-148 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-144 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-142 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-133 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-131 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-130 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-116 Sarajevo – Baščaršija

NL_Bosna_07_08-273 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-269 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-266 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-254 Mostar

NL_Bosna_07_08-252 Mostar


2 Responses to “New Year in Bosnia”

  1. musicwork Says:

    Beautiful photos here. I was there around that time too, so nice to see the photos someone else takes of the same places at the same times. I love the intense detail of your close-up shots from Bascarsija in particular. And the reflection from Mostar.

  2. drlisica Says:

    Thank’s for the comment, really. Bosnia really is something amazing and it was a very beautiful experience. Hey, why don’t you post a link to your photos 😉 Thanks again!

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