This is Africa!

February 16, 2008

Finally, some photos from my trip to Sudan. Becouse taking pictures in Sudan could mean serious trouble I returned with only a few good photos. But, otherwise, the people are awsome, the land is amazing and… well it was great. Check it out for yourself, comment and enjoy. 🙂 You can see all the photos on my Flickr account or click on

Sudan_08-8 Sudan_08-94














4 Responses to “This is Africa!”

  1. umafrica Says:

    Hello Lisica! You got very nice snapshots! 😉

    Why taking pictures in Sudan could mean “serious trouble”?

  2. drlisica Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the comment. It’s not allowed to take photos in some areas (harbors, airports, government buildings…) and it’s not allowed to take photos at all without the permision. And even though Sudanese people are one of the most friendly, they still are very unpredictable and than, you have the “officials” who can always say: “It’s not allowed to take pictures.” The worst case scenario is being arrested and stay without your camera.

  3. umafrica Says:

    “Stay without your camera” you mean forever?
    Blake (from got arrested a couple of times due to that, even when he wasn´t taking pictures.. I´m kind of preocupied now. Hopefully none of this will happen to my and my guys.

  4. drlisica Says:

    Yes, it could mean forever. I got lucky and got the camera back but lost the films. I wish you luck and just don’t get exposed to much. That’s the plan. And thanks for the link to Blake’s blog. Have just checked it.

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